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Summary info about Tillarys

What is Tillarys?

Tillarys is not a mere NFT collection but rather a revolutionary concept poised to establish a new paradigm in Solana's ecosystem, characterized by innovation, longing, and cutting-edge technology. With fresh ideas in place, we will be unique and different from the rest. Our exclusive community comprises a select group of individuals granted access to a limited edition of 444 NFTs, known as the "Tillarys," as well as $THII and the Revenue Share.

Why should I hold Tillarys?

Tillarys supply is only 444.

Holding a Tillarys NFT gives you access to Tamagotchy, where you can take care of your Tillarys, evolve it, and Earn $THII.

After that you will be able to exchange your $THII to SOL on Oasis.

What is the Gen 0?

Tillarys Pets are 111 NFTs considered the Gen0 Collection of Tillarys.

We will airdrop them for free to different people and their holders will have access to Tamagotchy and Revenue Sharing before Tillarys Mint.

What is $THII?

$THII is Tillarys' governance token. It is also the key that will allow us to have a healthy economy that keeps growing based on Exclusivity and Utility.

The supply will be 999,999, a limited supply that can only be accessed by owning and Taking care of a Tillarys in Tamagotchy.

The most important thing about $THII will be its usability and profit.

$THII Utilities?

The most prominent use cases for $THII are as follows:

  • Tamagotchy

  • Gatchapy

  • Shopy

  • Evolving

  • Oasis

What is Tamagotchy?

Each Tillarys has 4 phases: Egg, Larva, Child and Astral Tillarys. When you mint a Tillarys, you receive the Egg version.

Tamagotchy is the place that holders will use to take care of their Tillarys, making them earn $THII and evolve.

You can also customize your experience in Shopy.

What is Oasis?

Oasis is the place where you get paid. On a weekly basis, we will inject the amount of revenue generated and you will be able to exchange the $THII you generated on Tamagotchy for SOL.

It will be important when you decide to exchange $THII for a better rate.

What are Astral Tillarys?

Astral Tillarys is the Final Evolution of Tillarys NFT that allow you to enter Oasis and receive Revenue Sharing.

What is Shopy?

Shopy will be connected to Tamagotchy, It is basically a Traits and Cosmetics Shop where you will be able to customize its interface, buy traits for your NFT, purchase boosters to accelerate your progress, etc.

What is Gatchapy?

Gatchapy is the Gashapon machine of our ecosystem. This tool will allow you to win all sorts of NFTs, from blue chip NFTs to different kind of tokens.

Play Gatchapy now 👉​ https://gatchapy.tillarys.com

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