🧑‍đŸ’ģ​ Team

Learn more about the team behing Tillarys

Tillarys has been created by Builders. We have been developing +2 years for Solana Projects with our Development Agency: https://solking.tech.

We have been hired by several projects during all this time, but we can highlight Undead Genesis, Miners of Mars, The Castle and Sorcery.

We have gained so much experience creating smart contracts and utilities. So we will base Tillarys on what we know: Build Utility.

We have a core team of +5 Developers and 5 Amazing people helping with our NFT Project Growth. Meet some of them.

Jorge Rodriguez - CEO (https://twitter.com/jorge_rl02)

Omar - CTO (https://twitter.com/Mantis_Chick)

Jhin - Full Stak Developer (https://twitter.com/edulanasca)

Julio - Designer (https://www.instagram.com/doble._.s)

SirCisco - Growth Lead (https://twitter.com/SirCisco_)

Cesco.Sol - Collab Manager (https://twitter.com/Cesco_Sol)

Chanoy - Collab Manager (https://twitter.com/chanoy_nft)

Zuri - Mod (https://twitter.com/ruuuziNFT)

Faks - Mod (https://twitter.com/Unusual_faks)

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